Sherborne 3rd XI vs PRT 2nd XI
Played At The Terrace, Sherborne 2 June 2007
Dorset Funeral Plan Division 7
PRT 2nd XI won by 88 runs
Toss won by


Man of the Match

Pete Tombs

Match report

Tony Quayle's 2nd XI recorded their second win of the season in convincing fashion against the bottom of the table side Sherborne 3rd's. Quayle was already on top form as he'd managed to get lost taking a shortcut to Shaftesbury (where he originally thought he was playing) and after a 14 mile detour, arrived with half an hour to spare before the start. It was always going to be a dangerous fixture as Quayle was confident of victory after studying the league standings and their previous results which showed poor batting form. The pitch was a classic English greentop, with a slight crosswind and the natural slope it could be described as a seamer's delight. It also looked and felt like a pudding of a wicket with, as Boycott would no doubt say, plenty of snakes in the pitch, so Quayle won his first toss of the season and elected to bat.

This unlikely decision turned out to be a shrewd move as Quayle opened with Gates and faced with some ordinary bowling, coupled with the ball keeping slow and low, scored runs at a great pace, with the skipper accelerating past the reverend. It was Gates who perished first for 23 bowled by the veteran Les Loader, so young Pete Laming joined his captain and was lucky to survive a few balls into his innings when he popped up a leading edge to mid-on and saw the easiest of chances dropped. Pete was never the same after that, looking like a batsman out of confidence and scratched around for 5 runs before being put out of his misery when he missed a slow yorker.

The 2nd's form batsman, Chris Pegrum, then joined Quayle and was there to see him get out once again to a sweep shot, this time managing to play it onto his leg stump and he was back in the hutch for 31. This released the force of nature that is Pete Tombs onto the Sherborne attack, meanwhile Quayle was panicking and decided that perennial no. 11 Tony Morris should be promoted to 6 in the batting order followed by Adam Smart. This upset young Simon Proffitt who had been told before the game he'd be batting at least 6 or 7, so the lad went off to sulk on the boundary. Quayle was naturally oblivious to the drop in morale of one of his players and with his eyes still spinning and cogs whirring away within his cranium, he went out to umpire.

Despite the loss of three quick wickets, the run rate was a healthy 6 an over and once Pegrum and Tombs had got accustomed to the indifferent bounce, they went on to put on 140 for the 4th wicket, both reaching their half centuries within a few deliveries of each other. Pegrum was then out attempting a suicidal single calling for a run after hitting it straight at mid-off. Morris was thrust into the action and after surviving the first delivery with an Atherton-style prod at thin air, got off the mark thanks to a generous full toss outside off stump. Tombs and Morris then put on 34 before Tombs, suffering from exhaustion, was caught at mid-off for 74. Smart was in and out in one delivery, replaced by Joel Maisey who added 6 with Morris until he was undone by the pitch in the last over, bowled by a shooter for 15. A reluctant Prof came to the middle, still grumbling about Quayle and clipped a nice shot through square leg for 3, leaving Joel the final ball of the innings, but he couldn't get a meaningful contact so Triangle finished on 236/7.

Quayle opened with Strong and Gates and Sherborne sent out the two veterans Bibby and Winston, who scored freely and put the home side in a strong position after 10 overs with nearly 50 on the board. Gates snared Winston who tried to hit him once again to deep mid-wicket, but instead hit it right at Olly Whisker who made it look easy as he held the catch. This brought out Sherborne's captain, Pete Baker, who dug in from the off. Pegrum then dropped Bibby off Gates at short mid-wicket, but stopped a certain boundary.

Quayle switched the bowling and Strong was replaced with Whisker, who came up trumps and foxed Bibby with a slow full toss that he attempted to pull, missed and it clipped the top of leg stump. Gates wasn't getting any change out of Baker so Morris was brought on to replace him, and came up against the same brick wall. He then took a leaf out of Elenor's book and instead bowled the youngster Ricker, who backed away from a straight one and lost his off stump. This brought out Blackmore, who despite playing and missing at anything outside off stump, was quite able to block out anything bowled directly at the stumps. After 8 frustrating overs Morris was given a rest by Quayle and replaced with Proffitt.

Proffitt then produced a fine off-cutter to dismiss Roberts, then got locked in a duel with Sherborne's own 13-year old prodigy, Bibby Jnr., though Prof should have taken his wicket when he dropped a caught and bowled chance. At the other end, Pegrum had been brought on for Whisker who suffered a stomach muscle strain after 5 overs, and had some success taking three wickets including Prof's nemesis. The wickets steadily fell as Sherborne's total crept along, but the skipper was unmoved. Heading into the final over Quayle brought himself to bowl when the scorers informed us Pegrum had bowled his 12 (we later found out that 4 of Morris' overs had been mixed up with his and he'd only bowled 9). With nearly 90 runs to play with, Quayle allowed Sherborne to score another batting point, and Triangle missed out on their final bowling point with the home side finishing on 156/8.

Points Awarded

PRT II 20, Sherborne 7

PRT Sat II 1st Innings 236/7 Closed (Overs 45)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Quayle,A G*   b Loader,L 31 0 0
Gates,W c ? b Loader,L 23 0 0
Laming,P   b Ricker 5 0 0
Pegrum,C run out   53 0 0
Tombs,P c ? b Roberts 74 0 0
Morris,A J   b Blackmore,T 15 0 0
Smart,A   b Roberts 0 0 0
Maisey,J A B+ not out   7 0 0
Proffitt,S C not out   3 0 0
Strong,D dnb   -    
Whisker,O dnb   -    
extras   (b10 lb10 w5 nb0) 25    
TOTAL   7 wickets for 236    
1-42(Gates,W) 2-51(Laming,P) 3-53(Quayle,A G) 4-193(Pegrum,C) 5-227(Tombs,P)
6-227(Smart,A) 7-233(Morris,A J)
Bowler O M R W Econ.
Johnson,B 12 0 49 0 4.08
Loader,L 12 2 49 2 4.08
Ricker 6 0 27 1 4.50
Sargent,B 5 0 34 0 6.80
Blackmore,T 5 0 27 1 5.40
Roberts 5 0 30 2 6.00
Sherborne III 1st Innings 156/8 Closed (Overs 45)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Bibby   b Whisker,O 26 0 0
Winston,B c Whisker,O b Gates,W 22 0 0
Baker,P* not out   46 0 0
Ricker   b Morris,A J 3 0 0
Blackmore,T run out Strong,D   24 0 0
Sargent,B   b Pegrum,C 2 0 0
Roberts   b Proffitt,S C 0 0 0
Blackmore c Morris,A J b Pegrum,C 0 0 0
Bibby,J c Strong,D b Pegrum,C 2 0 0
Robinson not out   7 0 0
Johnson,B dnb   -    
extras   (b4 lb3 w14 nb3) 24    
TOTAL   8 wickets for 156    
Bowler O M R W Econ.
Strong,D 8 0 29 0 3.63
Gates,W 8 0 32 1 4.00
Whisker,O 5 0 17 1 3.40
Morris,A J 8 0 21 1 2.63
Pegrum,C 9 0 18 3 2.00
Proffitt,S C 5 0 16 1 3.20
Smart,A 1 0 8 0 8.00
Quayle,A G 1 0 8 0 8.00

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