The 4th Annual PRTCC Online Awards 2011

After a 3 year hiatus, the Online Awards return. These awards traditionally are held behind closed doors, with no one, not even the recipients invited to attend.

These awards highlight the moments of the 2011 season which are not always recognised at the main ceremony, with the prizes dedicated to the great and the good of Triangle's recent past.'s Five Players of the Year

The Phil Adams Memorial Player of the Year Award


Simon Proffitt

A terrific all-round performance from Little Mr Cricket, scoring 840 runs, with 8 half-centuries at 38.18 and picked up 48 wickets at 15.73. Add to that 261 runs at 29 in evening league and 10 wickets at 19.80, it was truly a stellar year, all it needed was a century...

Scott Males - A phenomenal year for Scott as he picked up 67 wickets at an average of 13.58 on Saturdays and Sundays
Chris Leake
- Scored 1162 runs at the weekend, averaging 43.04, including a club record equalling 208*
Elimenan Thureirajah - Played just 10 games, but picked up 28 wickets at 13.93
Dave Adkins
- Scored 690 runs at 30, along with 15 catches and 2 stumpings


The Ben Doidge Young Player of the Year Award


Simon Proffitt

The last time Simon will be eligible for this award and he showed again he's the best of the current crop of young players at Triangle.

Ryan Price
- Notched up his maiden century with 116* against Pokesdown Willows, scoring 401 runs at 23.59, and took 10 wickets at 18.40, with 13 catches in the field
Matt Randell - Had a strong start to the season, but faded near the end. Still, he took 30 wickets at 26.73 and scored 201 runs including a maiden 50. 14 wickets at 18.64 in evening league and 16 catches for the season.


The Dana Milverton Veteran Player of the Year Award


Jodie Locke

29 wickets at 22.52, including a 5-37 vs Martinstown II. Another golden season for the King of the Rock

Tony Quayle - 261 runs at 29.00, along with 3 catches and 2 stumpings with the gloves
Dave Males - 239 runs at 18.38, with 6 catches in the field
Jon Dixon -  17 wickets at 12.59

The John Baxter Memorial Most Improved Player of the Year Award


Marc Nott

Scored almost double 2010's runs (404 to 212), average increased from 16.31 to 28.86, 22 wickets compared with 6

Christian Brown - Scored 223 runs, batting average increased by 10
Jodie Locke - 10 more wickets than in 2010, and reduced his average down to 22.52 from 31.53
Ryan Price - 401 runs at 23.59 (75 at 12.50 in 2010) and 10 wickets at 18.40 (1 at 53 in 2010)
Tony Quayle - Improved on a lacklustre 2010 by scoring 261 runs at 29 (99 at 19.8 in 2010)
Dan Strong - 21 wickets at 22.57 (12 at 16.33 in 2010), 66 runs at 13.20 (16 at 5.33 in 2010)

The Jon Dixon Performance of the Year Award


Chris Leake

Equalled Dicko's club record with a superb knock of 208 not out against Compton House

Jon Dixon - A masterclass of left arm spin as Dicko took 7-26 against Compton House
Michael Males - Proved almost unplayable against Winton Sports 3rds picking up 6-14.
Ryan Price - 116* against Pokesdown Willows 2nds
Gareth Price - 122 against Parley 2nds
Chris Theakstone - 55 not out against Saggies in the Echo Cup semi-final
Simon Proffitt - Took 5-4 against New Look in the evening league as they were bowled out for 18

The Graham Elenor Captain of the Year Award


Gareth Price

Gareth led the Sunday 1st XI to 11 wins, finishing with a 79% win record

Grant Neven
- Saturday 2nds (69% win record)
Matt Randell - PRT Evening (67% win record)
Simon Barrett - Saturday 1st XI (58% win record)

The Tony Quayle "Yes, No or Maybe" Run Out Award


Gary Redfern

Top work by Big Gaz as he outwitted the master by running out Tony Quayle vs Cosmos in the evening league

Gary Redfern -
Gary was on a roll against Cosmos, warming up for the Quayle run out by sending Dave Adkins back to the pavilion
Stuart Sugg - Good work by Suggs to run out his skipper (Dave Adkins) vs Ellingham
Ryan Price - Not content with running out young Matt Reidy (though Reidy was slow out of the blocks), he also scuppered Michael Males against Martinstown 2nds

The Dave Blackman Slow Hand Clap Award


Simon Barrett

8 runs from 50 balls faced vs Blandford 2nds

Dave Males
- 24 runs in 27 overs vs Winton Sports 3rds
Ryan Price - 13 runs in 17 overs vs Shillingstone 2nds
Gareth Price - 2 runs from 21 balls faced vs Cerne Valley
Dave Adkins - 11 runs from 49 balls faced vs Bridport
Dave Males - 4 in 13 overs vs Winton Sports 3rds

The Teddy Tremlin Economy Award


Simon Proffitt

12-4-14-3 vs Bournemouth 2nds, economy 1.25 rpo

Gary Randell - 5-3-2-2 vs Bournemouth 2nds, 0.40 rpo
Sami Rathnayake
- 6.2-2-3-4 vs Lytchett Minster, 0.47 rpo
Callan Laws - 3-1-2-3 vs New Look (evening league), 0.67 rpo
Michael Males
- 7-1-7-4 vs Sturminster & Hinton, 1.00 rpo

The John Ryan Economy Award


Christian Brown

2-0-27-1 vs Moby Dicks Bears. Not even the prized scalp of Jim Ryall could stop the torrent of runs from Podge's bowling.

Andy Randell - 4-0-49-0 vs Moby Dicks Bears - Not a good day for bowlers as Andy went for 12.25 rpo.
Lenny Hansford - 4-0-48-1 vs Cosmos, 4-0-47-1 vs Albany Cavaliers - The George's strike bowler had a couple of bad nights
Jodie Locke -
4-0-46-0 vs Shaftesbury (11.50 rpo)
Simon Proffitt - 3-0-33-0 vs Compton House (11.00 rpo)
Jodie Locke - 10-0-87-2 vs Shillingstone 2nds (8.70 rpo)

Special Mention:
Dan Strong
- 9-1-57-2 vs Sturminster & Hinton. Dan contributed over half the opposition's runs as they were bowled out for 103 in 27 overs.

The Tail-End Bunny Award


Callan Laws

A fantastic achievement by Lawsy who notched up an impressive 10 ducks for the season (9 weekend, 1 evening league)

Runners up:
Scott Males - 5 ducks
Michael Males - 5 ducks

The Jan Davey Quote of the Year

"I'm so hot I can't feel my skin" - Olly Whisker after hitting a 50 against Bournemouth 2nds

"I didn't realise Dave batted left-handed" - Jan Davey picks up on Dave Adkins' batting style on the penultimate game of the season
"You're out!"
- Ade Wilson dismisses son Jordan for a golden duck
"Does deodorant go out of date?" - Aarron Riley returns to weekend cricket at his quotable best
"I would have taken you off after your first over" - Dave Males sums up the opening deliveries of Grant Neven's 5-39 vs Lytchett 2nds
"Well Dave, do you feel lucky?" - Tony Quayle lapses into Dirty Harry territory when asking Dave Males if he wants to face the 1st ball

Special Mention:
"Did you bring the bunting Stewkes?
" - Ade Wilson

The Tom Cole Numpty Award

For outstanding achievements in the field of idiocy
(such as driving yourself to the away ground when told to meet at the home ground...)

Gurung Manoz

Told to follow Gareth Price to Symene, but headed in the other direction to Redlands

The W.G. Grace Award

aka The "They came to watch me bat, not you bowl" Award

Simon Proffitt

Refused to leave the crease when given out LBW in Over 30's vs Under 30's game


The Action Shot of the Season (as printed in the Dorset Echo)


Runners Up: