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Classic Match #1
Bisterne Willows vs PRT Sunday XI
Played at Bisterne, 30th June 2002
Dorset Cricket League Division 7
Bisterne won by 3 runs
Toss won by: PRT
PRT Man of the Match Dave Males

After withdrawing from Sunday cricket for a few seasons, Triangle had to return at the bottom rung of the then substantial league ladder. Legendary captain Graham Elenor took up the challenge to rise up the divisions like a phoenix, and return Portland to their rightful place among the elite.

Triangle's assault on Division 7 got off to the perfect start, winning their first 5 games, all of them without much trouble. They travelled deep into the New Forest to take on Bisterne Willows, looking to cement their position as league leaders and rebuff the challenge of those upstarts Wimborne.

Jon Dixon
Jon Dixon

Star bowler/occasional batsman Jon Dixon was suffering from a string of injuries, so was dosed up on painkillers; young starlet Ben Doidge was recovering from another mad party; and the skipper's attention was diverted by the small matter of the World Cup Final and the whole betting scene revolving around it...

Report by Bill Trevett

Told to be ready at 11pm, due to the World Cup Final's imminent kick-off, the author of this missive was eventually picked up half an hour late, apparently due to some troubles in the world of shady, closed door gambling. After finally getting underway, including a brief stop to watch the second half of the football in the picturesque market town of Ringwood (although not in Corals as Mr. Elenor so desired), we arrived at the ground only for the aforementioned Club Captain to be asked if he was our umpire. Dismissing this comment with a David Cassidy-alike cheeky smile, Club Spokesman, Graham Elenor, won the toss and after taking advice from senior pro, Jon Dixon, decided to insert the opposition on what looked like a decidedly cabbage-patch of a wicket.

Scott Males opened up, bowling into a stiff breeze and he found it difficult to maintain the same consistent length that had brought him four wickets the previous day, including the prized scalp of Branksome's James 'Fella' Purnell, whilst at the other end Trevett was able to keep runs to a minimum, helped both by the state of the pitch and the batsman's inadequacies. Males was replaced by Elenor, and Trevett by Dixon, as Bisterne crawled along at something under two runs per over. Both change bowlers were unlucky and although Bisterne had less than a hundred runs after thirty five overs they still, crucially, had wickets in hand. The acceleration only really began in the final five overs as both Ryan and Dixon were to feel the brunt of Bisterne's batting prowess, and though they took wickets at regular intervals and Dixon especially was unlucky in having a number of catches dropped off his bowling (including one from the author) the home side finished on 146 for 7, perhaps some 20 or so runs more than they had expected, or deserved.

Dave Males and John Ryan, due to the nature of the pitch, were not in the most confident of moods as they stepped out to bat after a thoroughly adequate tea - a tea where John Ryan had enthralled the opposition with his talk of Portland harbour's deep anchorage. It was a shame though, it must be said, that the 1st team scorer was not in the best of mental form, except this can be explained by the captain's decision not to bowl a man who had taken 5 wickets in his previous Sunday game, and had also shelled a couple of chances - feeling the full glare of Dicko's fiercest Paddington stare, coupled with a few choice comments.

The innings began at a fair rate with both batsmen looking to capitalise on the loose delivery but with the introduction of Redgwell, the home captain, things took on a more stentorian aspect. Ryan was first to go playing back to a ball that hit the top of off stump and he was soon followed by Ben Doidge, who looked out of sorts before playing down the wrong line to another Redgwell delivery.

This brought Daniel Jones to the middle, just one of the captain's many astute tactical decisions, as both he and Dave Males proceeded to reduce the run rate to little more than an Ethiopian rain storm. Jones attempted to up the scoring tempo by deflecting the ball off various body parts, including his helmet, but by the time he fell, Triangle had some work to do as the run rate had gone beyond four an over. Jon Dixon, playing his third game in as many days, and who was goofed up to the eyeballs on painkillers, struck the first ball as is now the custom to the boundary, but was bowled the next attempting a similar shot.

Grant Neven looked to push on as he struck a boundary, but then in a moment of great controversy, was given out LBW by Ben Doidge. Neven argued his case with the umpire, claiming the ball had taken a bottom edge, and that was how it had ended up trapped between his ankles straight in front of all 3 stumps. Not best pleased with the decision, Neven proceeded to kick the ball, scratching it at the same time, at the umpire and aiming a volley of abuse in the same direction before flinging the Duke's Big Bertha™ beyond the boundary.

If anyone could take the team home then it was Stewkesbury who looked assured against anything Bisterne could throw at him. The next breakthrough occurred at the other end where Dave Males' heroic, yet painfully slow, innings was brought to an end, the Triangle lynchpin finally succumbing to the dreaded straight ball, then bemoaning his lack of support on his return to the pavilion. Trevett joined Stewkes and the two carefully saw off Redgwell's remaining balls, before both men plundered the bowling of the third change Mills, taking 19 in the over before he was hastily removed. Stewkes' resistance crumbled in the onslaught of the continual straight ball.

The Master joined the apprentice and through some careful shot selection, good running and a fair shade of luck moved the total to within six of the opposition's score with three overs remaining. No trouble, the author thought, the moment his Captain called him through for a single that was to prove his undoing, run out on a third umpire call (umpire Jones moved a sidestep left from his position at the non-striker's end to judge this appeal).

Maurice joined Graham but was unable to get enough bat on ball as the 44th over was recorded as a maiden. Graham then completed his afternoon of misery, which had begun with the Brazil victory and Ronaldo's goals "Bad, bad, bad news for a bookie..." by picking the yorker as the ball to dismiss to the boundary and he was sent back to the pavillion blaming all but none more so than that "Idiot umpire Jones". Scott Males lasted only one ball, lobbing a catch to short leg, and Bisterne had a most unlikely of victories.

Points PRT 6, Bisterne 18

Bisterne Willows 146/7 Closed (Overs 45)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
White,G c Neven,G N b Dixon,J 53
Butcher,M   b Trevett,W T H 5
Neale,M   b Trevett,W T H 0
Hooper,M   b Elenor,G 7
Bolton,I   b Ryan,J F 33
Redgwell,D run out   6
Riglar,G st Neven,G N b Ryan,J F 26
Brown,S not out   0
Mills,R not out   2
Haskell,C dnb   -
Buckfield,J dnb   -
extras   (b3 lb4 w7 nb0) 14
TOTAL   7 wickets for 146
1-13 2-13 3-40 4-110 5-116 6-138 7-144
Bowler O M R W Econ
Males,S 5 0 18 0 3.60
Trevett,W T H 12 6 15 2 1.25
Elenor,G 12 3 24 1 2.00
Dixon,J 10 2 54 1 5.40
Ryan,J F 6 0 28 2 4.67
PRT Sun XI 140/10 All Out (Overs 44.4)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
Males,D   b Redgwell,D 39
Ryan,J F   b Redgwell,D 19
Doidge,B   b Redgwell,D 1
Jones,D c Riglar,G b Haskell,C 13
Dixon,J   b Haskell,C 4
Neven,G N+ lbw b Haskell,C 6
Stewkesbury,R W   b Butcher,M 8
Trevett,W T H run out   20
Elenor,G*   b Hooper,M 3
Morris,A J not out   0
Males,S c White,G b Hooper,M 0
extras   (b12 lb2 w13 nb0) 27
TOTAL   10 wickets for 140
1-51 (Ryan,J F) 2-53 (Doidge,B) 3-91 (Jones,D) 4-95 (Dixon,J) 5-101 (Neven,G N) 6-106 (Males,D) 7-106 (Stewkesbury,R W) 8-132 (Trevett,W T H) 9-139 (Elenor,G) 10-14 0(Males,S)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Butcher,M 12 3 35 1 2.92
Brown,S 5 1 20 0 4.00
Haskell,C 12 2 33 3 2.75
Redgwell,D 12 5 14 3 1.17
Mills,R 1 0 19 0 19.00
Hooper,M 2.4 0 8 2 3.00