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Classic Match #9
Dorchester 1st XI vs PRT Saturday 1st XI
Played at Dorchester Rec., 4th May 2002
Dorset Cricket League Premier Division
PRT won by 5 runs
Toss won by:


PRT Man of the Match

Simon Browne


Triangle started 2001 expecting the usual comfortable mid-table finish in Division 1 that had become the norm over the last few years. However, they upset the odds (provided by Wyke Racing's G. Elenor) and only went and won the title! This meant Premier Division cricket was back at Reforne again for the first time since 1996.

Martin Hewson had forged a match-winning cricket machine, built around the holy trinity of Randell, Styles and Browne (Simon, not Squeaker). Stalwarts Simon Barrett, Dorset's Jan Davey, Dave Blackman, John Ryan and Alex Charlton made up the core, with youngsters Bill Trevett and Ben Doidge being called on to do vital running in the field.

Medium-fast swing bowler Glen Kelman was drafted in to help with the increased demands of 50 over cricket, along with batsman/keeper Will Curtis, both joining from Sunday side Speedliners, and the team were looking forward to a long stay in the top flight.

Alas it was not to be as Triangle, like Icarus, flew too close to the sun, ending up crashing back down into Division 1 after just one season back at the top table. It wasn't all doom and gloom, as for one weekend an unlikely victory away to mighty Dorchester allowed everyone to believe that they could surpass the class of 95's third place finish...

Report by Bill Trevett

You couldn't say that Portland were confident of victory going into this match, but they were confident of putting up a good fight with Red Triangle fielding two new faces, in close season Speedliners' recruits Glen Kelman and Will Curtis, and their county town rivals missing a couple of first teamers. A first inspection of the pitch revealed exactly what was expected, soft and liable to play slow and low. Portland captain Martin Hewson got the season off to a bad start by losing the toss and was asked by his counterpart, Dorset vice captain Sean Walbridge, to have first use of the strip. Out stepped the captain and Portland's very own Jacques Cousteau, Jan Davey, to face the Dorchester opening attack of medium pacers Dave Whalley and Alan Osborne. Though in little trouble, the accurate bowling restricted the opener's scoring opportunities, with Martin Hewson in particular frustrated by the accuracy of both the bowling and field placing that contained a number of his crisp cover drives. At the other end Davey was accruing runs at a much faster rate but a number of his shots owed as much to luck as to judgement.

Hewson was first to fall, caught behind chasing a rather wide delivery from the accurate Dave Trotter, for a disappointing 2 from 42 balls. Soon after Jan Davey followed him to the pavillion LBW to Walbridge for a 33 that, though fortuitous at times, gave the innings some foundation. Only five runs later and Walbridge trapped his second victim when Simon Barrett, who was almost timed out, was caught in front of his stumps giving the umpire no other option than to raise the dreaded finger. With Triangle reeling at 48 for 3, Gary Randell joined Simon Browne at the crease, and the former Dorchester player looked in imperious form with one particular on drive leaving the fielders motionless as it thundered to the boundary. His innings came to an abrupt end when a mix-up led to a run out with both men blaming each other. Jason Styles, as Portland's last specialist batsman, knew that a partnership was needed and he and Browne duly provided such as 60 runs were added, before Triangle's lynchpin drove the ball into his foot and watched as it rolled back and dislodged a bail.

Dorchester were into the lower-middle order of Triangle's batting, and Charlton followed Styles on the long, lonely walk when Simon Browne called him for a 2 that was definitely there. New boy Will Curtis was next in and he played a number of handsome strokes, punishing the loose ball with good timing and shot selection, before he chipped a ball from Osborne straight to Matt Chalmers for a simple catch. Simon Browne reached a well-deserved fifty that formed the backbone of the innings, and that is all the more worthy for the fact that he lost batting partners at inopportune times, but he finally fell in Colin Edney's only over. The innings finished with the second debutant, Glen Kelman, and veteran John Ryan playing straight and running well, with the under the weather Bill Trevett not needed. At best this was a par score, but more likely 20 or 30 runs short of a challenging total and particular credit goes to Sean Walbridge for a spell of 10 overs that cost a miserly 18 runs.

Although Triangle took to the field with Trevett unable to bowl because of a heavy cold, Hewson's bowling options numbered no less than 6, and despite them all being much of a muchness, this strength in depth is well suited to the season's new restrictions on bowlers. Glen Kelman was given first use of the new ball, and he began well keeping the ball well pitched up and both he and his opening partner, Gary Randell, beat the bat on numerous occasions. In Walbridge and Sibley Dorchester had two batsman who were prepared to play the waiting game, unfazed when beaten and punishing anything offline or too short. Hewson turned, somewhat surprisingly in the opinion of those watching, to Alex Charlton but he immediately went past the outside edge with his first two balls. At the other end, Kelman after finishing an impressive spell of 10 overs for 36 runs was replaced by the similar, evergreen, John Ryan. The Dorchester batsmen's patience began to tell though as the scoring rate steadily increased and both men visibly grew in confidence quick to seize on anything loose and dispatching it to the boundary.

With the game turning in the county town's favour, as the 100 mark and then the 150 were passed with the openers still intact, Portland appeared to be heading for a resounding defeat until their very own Dorset Boy, Jan Davey, who had replaced a rather expensive Alex Charlton, tricked Walbridge into playing across the line and his leading edge offered a simple chance to Simon Browne in the covers. Even with the partnership broken Dorchester were still in a healthy position but with Davey bowling a tight line, runs were only coming from the other end, where John Ryan was a little unlucky as a number of mishits steadily increased the Dorchester score. Sibley was next out bowled by Simon Browne, who had replaced Ryan, attempting an irresponsibly rash shot and suddenly the Portland total appeared to be slipping from their grasp.

With the ever reliable Tony Foot still there Dorchester had continued cause for hope but few could predict the drama that would occur in the following dozen or so overs. Joslin came and went quickly, snapped up by the impressive Curtis and Browne followed that by shattering Pete Diffey's stumps before Randell, with the last ball of an economical and probing spell, took the vital wicket of Dorchester captain Foot who chased a wide delivery into the grateful gloves of Curtis.

So after 99 overs of sweat and toil the match came down to the final six balls, with Dorchester still perhaps the odds-on favourites, with wickets in hand and requiring only eight runs. Up stepped man of the moment Simon Browne and he immediately had Edney trapped leg before and suddenly Portland could sense the possibility of victory. When the dangerous Trotter fell two balls later, Portland had Dorchester on the ropes and reeling. With tension at an almost unbearable level, Trevett kept his head and a low throw brought an end to Whalley's innings, who was attempting a double that was never there. With two balls to go boundaries were needed and with only a penultimate single conceded, Browne and his team mates knew, that barring any extras, the game was theirs. Browne duly capped a man of the match display by holding his nerve and only conceding two runs off the final delivery and Portland had gained a highly improbable victory.

Portland may not win many games this season but on this performance they will put up an excellent fight and will never be found wanting in the effort stakes. Credit must go to Simon Browne especially, but in reality all the players put in an excellent performance outplaying their more illustrious rivals through a combination of endeavour, skill and never giving up hope. Special mention must also go to the two new boys who performed with maturity and character and who both looked more than useful players at this level. So the season goes on with renewed hope and optimism, perhaps the visit to Dorchester next year will not be to play their second team...


PRT 19, Dorchester 12

PRT Sat I 213/8 Closed (Overs 50)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
Hewson,M* c Keegan b Trotter,D 2
Davey,J lbw b Walbridge,S 33
Barrett,S lbw b Walbridge,S 6
Browne,S c Sibley,I b Edney,C 52
Randell,G run out   17
Styles,J C   b Trotter,D 27
Charlton,A run out   1
Curtis,W+ c Chalmers,M b Osborne 23
Kelman,G not out   8
Ryan,J F not out   2
Trevett,W T H dnb   -
Extras   (b5 lb7 w27 nb3) 42
TOTAL   8 wickets for 213
1-31 (Hewson,M) 2-43 (Davey,J) 3-48 (Barrett,S) 4-68 (Randell,G) 5-128 (Styles,J C) 6-140 (Charlton,A) 7-198 (Curtis,W) 8-207 (Browne,S)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Whalley 10 2 38 0 3.80
Osborne 10 1 39 1 3.90
Trotter,D 10 2 31 2 3.10
Walbridge,S 10 4 18 2 1.80
Chalmers,M 6 0 44 0 7.33
Sibley,I 3 0 23 0 7.67
Edney,C 1 0 8 1 8.00
Dorchester 208/8 Closed (Overs 50)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
Sibley,I   b Browne,S 64
Walbridge,S c Browne,S b Davey,J 75
Foot,A* c Curtis,W b Randell,G 23
Joslin,S c Curtis,W b Browne,S 8
Diffey,P   b Browne,S 5
Edney,C lbw b Browne,S 1
Trotter,D   b Browne,S 2
Chalmers,M not out   2
Whalley run out (Trevett,W T H) 1
Keegan not out   1
extras   (b5 lb5 w14 nb2) 26
TOTAL   8 wickets for 208
1-154 (Walbridge,S) 2-160 (Sibley,I) 3-170 (Joslin,S) 4-198 (Diffey,P) 5-200 (Foot,A) 6-204 (Edney,C) 7-204 (Trotter,D) 8-205 (Whalley)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Randell,G 10 2 23 1 2.30
Kelman,G 10 1 36 0 3.60
Charlton,A 4 0 26 0 6.50
Ryan,J F 8 0 54 0 6.75
Davey,J 10 2 29 1 2.90
Browne,S 8 0 30 5 3.75