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Founded 1922

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Classic Match #4
PRT Saturday 1st XI vs Bridport
Played at Reforne, 10th June 2006
Dorset Cricket League Division 1
PRT won by 8 wickets
Toss won by: Bridport
PRT Man of the Match Jon Dixon

2006 will not go down as a vintage season for Triangle, all the club's teams were struggling in their respective divisions and would finish near the bottom of their leagues. The 1st XI were a fading force in Division 1, following their relegation from the top table in 2002, they missed out on bouncing back up the following season, before settling for a couple of years of mid-table stability. This year was different as they had failed to record a win all year.

The visit of Bridport looked to be following a well-trodden path, the opposition piled on the runs and then Triangle would fail to chase them down. Legend has it that as the visitors started premature celebrations at tea, groundsman "Rupert" Waight informed them they were at least 30 runs short, as it was a 300+ pitch.

Jon Dixon, the old warhorse, had been struggling with the bat for a while, but his bowling was keeping his place in the side. However, something clicked on this day after he didn't get out after hitting a couple of boundaries (the luck was with him as he was caught off a no ball).

Dicko continued to attack the bowling in his inimitable style becoming the first Triangle batsman to record a double century. He was partnered by 2 dead-batting masters: Dave Males (8) for the 1st wicket stand of 99, and Tony Quayle (25*) for 172 for the 2nd.

This proved to be a one-off in more ways than one as Dicko would score 94 runs from his 11 other innings that season, only three times making it into double-figures; while Triangle failed to muster another win.


Jon Dixon rewrote Portland Red Triangle's record books at Reforne on Saturday.

The veteran all-rounder smashed an awesome double century to help his side record their first Dorset Division One win of the season over neighbours Bridport. Dixon plundered an incredible 17 sixes and 21 fours in a knock of 208 as the islanders reached their victory target of 290 for the loss of just two wickets. And what made his effort even more amazing is that he did it nursing a broken finger. The partnership of 172 with Tony Quayle (25*) also set a new club record for the 2nd wicket.

Triangle secretary Grant Neven said: "It was a truly awesome innings from Jon and the fact that he did it with a broken finger is little short of amazing. Over the years he's made a lot of bowlers pay with his big hitting but this was something else. The club's previous record individual score was 178 by Gary Randell a few years ago and I never thought I'd see that broken. But that's now been smashed by some 30 runs and you couldn't bet against Jon bettering that in the future."

After losing the toss, the hosts were made to toil in the hot sunshine as Bridport racked up an impressive total of 289-4, thanks largely to Richard Hobson (89) and skipper Paul Tweddle (88). And with Triangle winless and rooted to the bottom of the table, the West Dorset visitors must have thought they had the game in the bag.

However, 45-year-old Dixon had other ideas as he crashed the ball to all parts of the ground, and beyond, during his 119-ball innings. All the visiting bowlers were taken to task by Dixon, although Adam Herring suffered the most, conceding 64 off five overs, 28 of those coming from just six balls.

The Portland opener's luck finally ran out when he missed a straight delivery from Rob Atkins, but the damage had already been done by then with Triangle requiring just 19 for victory with plenty of overs to spare.

Neven added: "Jon rode his luck a bit and was even caught off a no-ball, but that's the way he's always played the game. He got a double century [Webmaestro note: 196*] last season in an Evening League match and so we really shouldn't be that surprised. The incredible thing about the innings was that Jon smashed 208 and our next highest scorer was Tony Quayle who finished not out on 25*. He probably faced the same amount of balls although he did an excellent job of staying out their and giving his partner the strike.

"What was really nice was that a lot of the club's youth players were up watching and I think they've found themselves a new hero. Even the Bridport lads admitted they'll probably never see an innings like it again. It was just a joy to watch."

Despite Dixon's big-hitting, only one ball was lost during the game although the club's out-buildings came under constant fire. "Fortunately most of Jon's sixes landed in the road or the adjoining fields." explained Neven. "Although we did lose a ball that he hit into the quarry. My biggest fear was that our big green metal equipment shed would fall after he smashed one rocket against the side of it. But everyone and everything just about survived the onslaught which was just an incredible spectacle in a 45-over match."

Points PRT 17, Bridport 6

Bridport 1st XI 289/4 Closed (Overs 45)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
Hobson,R   b Browne,S 89
Gisborne c Browne,S b Polley,S 5
Hayball   b Dixon,J 32
Tweddle,P c Laming,P b Strong,D 88
Atkins,R not out   32
Backhouse,C not out   8
Nobbs, R dnb   -
Herring, A dnb   -
Sherring dnb   -
Good, S dnb   -
Extras   (b8 lb0 w24 nb3) 35
TOTAL   4 wickets for 289
1-12(Gisborne), 2-86(Hayball), 3-214(Hobson,R), 4-264(Tweddle,P)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Browne,S 10 0 55 1 5.50
Polley,S 10 0 48 1 4.80
Dixon,J 10 2 39 1 3.90
Males,M 5 0 40 0 8.00
Barrett,S 5 0 46 0 9.20
Strong,D 5 0 53 1 10.60
PRT 1st XI 1st Innings 293/2 Closed (Overs 39.3)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
Males,D   b Nobbs,R 8
Dixon,J   b Atkins,R 208
Quayle,T not out   25
Browne,S not out   9
Barrett,S* dnb   -
Neven,G+ dnb   -
Polley,S dnb   -
Males,M dnb   -
Strong,D dnb   -
Laming,P dnb   -
Lewis,R dnb   -
Extras   (b11 lb0 w32 nb0) 43
TOTAL   2 wickets for 293
1-99(Males,D), 2-271(Dixon,J)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Nobbs,R 10 1 40 1 4.00
Herring,A 5 1 64 0 12.80
Backhouse,C 10 0 51 0 5.10
Sherring 8 1 67 0 8.37
Tweddle,P 1 0 18 0 18.00
Atkins,R 4 0 28 1 7.00
Gisborne 1 0 10 0 10.00
Good 0.3 0 4 0 8.00