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Classic Match #7
PRT Sunday XI vs Suttoners
Played at Reforne, Portland, 7th July 2002
Dorset Cricket League Division 7
PRT won by 123 runs
Toss won by:


PRT Man of the Match

Dave Males


All teams have their rivalries, naturally Portland's fiercest was with their neighbours across the harbour, Weymouth. However, in the late 90's/early 2000's the Sunday side had a particularly bitter feud with the Bournemouth-based side, Suttoners. A deep resentment had developed over the preceding seasons, mostly due to flashpoints involving players on both sides, with neither team covering themselves in glory.

The matches were usually tight affairs, with Triangle mostly coming out on top. Skipper Graham Elenor was always keen to maintain the upper hand, so looked to field a strong side, while at the same time attempting to keep the peace.

This proved to be another classic encounter, that is remembered more for the shenanigans revolving around a disputed lbw decision...

Report by Bill Trevett

Leaden skies greeted the opposing teams in this most keenly contested of cricket contests, a fixture that has in the past played host to all manner of controversy and, at times, has come close to bloodshed. As ever Graham Elenor won the toss and on a wicket that had provided well over five hundred runs the previous week, chose to make first use of it.

The innings began slowly as both Males and Ryan adopted a cautious approach and both of the opening bowlers, Moss and Paul Barber, bowled a relatively good line and length. Paul Barber, though a talented cricketer, is a relatively fragile character and in conceding 12 runs in overthrows had pushed himself to the brink of insanity, blaming all and sundry for the poor quality of cricket whilst at the same time being one of the main protagonists. The openers rode the abuse and generally dispatched the bad ball in forming an opening partnership of 109 that was finally broken when JR was caught out, a run short of a well deserved half century.

Doidge was next in and in something of a cameo played a number of handsome drives before being run out, much to the delight of Suttoner's very own Sunshine Bus season ticket holder, Malik Kudmany. Dave Blackman was slow to get going but once he found his touch carried on from Doidge, displaying a wide range of attacking shots, earning a volley of abuse from Barber, which was answered by a succession of boundaries. Barber eventually got his man, though it was good to see David offer the hand of friendship and not the closed fist as he left the field.

Quayle and Neven briefly troubled the scorer and it was a delight to see Melvyn Tremlin step out to the middle, with one on-drive reminding the public of this man's talent. With Stewkesbury facing one ball, which he duly dispatched for four, the innings ended on 252 for 6, Dave Males top scoring with a fluent 65. 252 being a good score on any wicket and one that was sure to test Portland's Bournemouth-based opponents to the limits of their ability.

After an excellent Mrs Males tea, Tremlin and Rusty Davey were entrusted with the new ball and both men, like their Suttoners' counterparts began in a good fashion, with Tremlin in particular beating the bat on numerous occasions. The umpire then failed to give what seemed a certain edge only to later apologise that he couldn't give it if the batsman didn't walk, and this was to set the tone for the whole of the second innings. The early breakthrough was made, although there was another flashpoint when Kudmany, who always endears himself to opposing teams, edged to gully but wouldn't walk, somehow having the audacity to suggest that the ball had bounced before Quayle took an excellent catch.

This brought Barber to the wicket who immediately set after the Portland bowlers, who were finding it increasingly difficult to grip the ball in the misty conditions. Elenor appealed vehemently for an LBW that Barber senior flatly refused, prompting Neven to turn to Trevett and exclaim how the umpire was not acting within the spirit of the game. The umpire's son heard Neven's concerned remark and offered one of his own, threatening to use his bat in a most unpleasant fashion to restructure Neven's Augustan profile. Neven replied in kind, although had the decency to suggest that the confrontation should take place after the cessation of play in the church car park. Barber senior was quick to intervene as was PRT's very own captain, berating Neven and demanding that he shut up. Neven found this a little too much to digest and in the next moment had loosed his gloves and inners just like Jesse James and had strode from the pitch muttering dark thoughts under his breath.

Once the ten men of Portland had regrouped with Dave Blackman behind the stumps - although John Ryan had suggested Ben Doidge should take the gloves - Elenor turned to Trevett, who found the ball difficult to grasp at first, and was duly punished for it by conceding 8 runs off his first over. He returned in the next to capture the prize wicket of Barber, who after surviving what seemed like a certain ankle high LBW, missed the proverbial straight one and was bowled for a dangerous 24. The Captain continued to exert pressure on the batsmen and Suttoners were on the back foot, ever slipping behind the run rate and losing wickets at the wrong time.

Neven reappeared on the pavilion steps after conciliatory talks had been held with Barber senior, but his own captain was in no such mood to sanction his return, fearing more hostilities, thereby igniting Neven's fiery aspect and bringing about talk of resignation and the like. Suttoner's last few batsman resisted as best they could but their very own little master was unable to keep out a Stewkesbury eighteen incher that bewitched him like it has so many poor innocents and it was finally left to Trevett to return to take two wickets in two balls and give PRT a well earned, but costly victory.


PRT 20, Suttoners 5

PRT Sun I 252/6 Closed (Overs 45)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
D Males c. ? b. Kudmany 65
J Ryan c. Barber b. Cheney 49
B Doidge run out (Kudmany - with aplomb) 26
D Blackman   b. P Barber 45
A Quayle   b. Moss 15
G Neven+   b. Moss 5
M Tremlin not out   5
R Stewkesbury not out   4
W Trevett dnb   -
G Elenor* dnb   -
R Davey dnb   -
Extras (b 8, lb 3, w 24, nb 3) 38
TOTAL   6 wickets for 252
1-107 (J Ryan), 2-147 (B Doidge), 3-180 (D Blackman), 4-226 (A Quayle), 5-242 (G Neven), 5-248 (D Males)
Bowler O M R W Econ
P Barber 12 1 48 1 4.00
D Moss 9 0 38 2 4.22
M Kudmany 10 0 62 1 6.20
B Clifford 3 0 32 0 10.67
P Cheney 12 0 61 1 5.08
Suttoners 129/9 All Out (Overs 41.5)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
D Moss   b. Elenor 35
M Kudmany c. Quayle b. Tremlin 2
B Clifford run out (Doidge)   32
P Barber   b. Trevett 13
J Baveridge+ not out   12
P Cheney run out (Doidge)   0
T Gritt   b. Tremlin 0
S Ketteridge   b. Stewkesbury 4
J Rabjohns   b. Trevett 8
J Barber* lbw b. Trevett 0
extras   (b2 lb3 w5 nb1) 11
TOTAL   9 wickets for 129
1-13 (M Kudmany), 2-64 (B Clifford), 3-96 (P Barber), 4-105 (D Moss), 5-107 (P Cheney), 6-107 (T Gritt), 7-112 (S Ketteridge), 8-129 (J Rabjohns), 9-129 (J Barber)
Bowler O M R W Econ
M Tremlin 12 4 35 2 2.92
R Davey 11 2 30 0 2.73
W Trevett 6.5 2 11 3 1.61
G Elenor 8 1 30 1 3.75
R Stewkesbury 4 0 16 1 4.00
J Ryan 1 0 2 0 2.00