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Classic Match #10
PRT Sunday 1st XI vs Winton Sports 2nd XI
Played at Reforne, 27th May 2012
Dorset Cricket League Division 3
PRT won by 2 wickets
Toss won by:

Winton Sports

PRT Man of the Match

Eli Thureirajah


The Sunday 1st XI had been rejuvenated under the stewardship of Gareth Price, as he led them to the Division 4 championship in his first season, pipping Symene and Stalbridge to the title on the final weekend.

The side had carried that form into this year, winning their first three games and topped the Division 3 table. The visit of Winton Sports would provide a sterner test, though it was a closer finish than the skipper would have liked...


A fine day at Reforne saw Winton choose to bat first after winning the toss. Gareth Price gave the new ball to openers Elimanen Thureirajah and Matt Randell, but the pair were unable to make any inroads, despite keeping it tight in the early exchanges.

Change bowler Chris Leake made the first breakthrough, trapping the free-swinging, but rarley connecting, Dobson lbw. Another change of tack was required as Clarke and Seal dug in, so spin at both ends was the order of the day. This paid off as Tim Forshaw first accounted for Seal who could only find Olly Whisker's hands, then tempted Wynn to charge down the wicket, with John Walker taking a neat stumping.

Christian Brown returned for Forshaw and found the edge of Clarke's bat and Winton were now 104/4. A brief recovery was mounted by Cleere and Bagley, until Scott Males was rewarded with a wicket for stemming the flow at his end, snaffling a return catch.

Elil was brought back on in the hope his extra pace would ruffle some feathers. This had the desired effect as Archer was beaten for pace, trapped in front, and then Trapnell followed, skying a catch to Tony Morris. Leake returned to remove the dangerous Bagley, opening up the tail, which could only muster a further 11 runs for the final 3 wickets.

After convincing his skipper he had to leave early for an unspecified appointment, Elil opened with Leake, and the pair started at an electric pace, before Chris was cleaned up by Dobson. Gareth Price suffered a rare failure as he was run out looking for a quick single and Triangle were looking shakey at 27/2.

Thureirajah had other ideas, taking the attack to the bowlers with some lusty blows, including a massive 6 that hit the George Inn's wheelie bin on the full. Matt Randell was almost going unnoticed at the other end, steadily accumulating, but fell lbw to Dobson on 28.

Forshaw added a quick 21 until he was undone by Archer. Elil continued his assault to reach his half-century, eventually chancing his arm one time too many and was caught with the score on 150. This heralded a collapse as Elliott Sawyer, Whisker, then Males all departed with 1 run added to the total.

New pairing Brown and Morris were left to first stop the flow of wickets, by seeing off the dangerous Archer (4/19), then try to get the 31 runs needed for victory. Through a combination of luck and some charitable Winton bowling in the closing overs, the pair took the game to the final 6 balls with just 6 required.

Brown settled any early nerves as he came down the track and dispatched returning opener Seal back over his head to the ropes. Determined not to string things out any longer, and as the field had been brought in to contain any quick singles, Brown repeated the trick, smashing the ball over the fielders' heads and securing a hard-fought win, much to the relief of last man John Walker.


PRT 20, Winton Sports 9

Winton Sports II 181/10 All Out (Overs 40)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
Clarke,M c Walker,J b Brown,C 38
Dobson,C lbw b Leake,C 9
Seal,H c Whisker,O W b Forshaw,T 15
Wynn,S st Walker,J b Forshaw,T 9
Cleere,M   c&b Males,S 11
Bagley,D st Walker,J b Leake,C 38
Archer,C lbw b Thureirajah,E 2
Doohan,J run out   12
Trapnell,E c Morris,A J b Thureirajah,E 1
Answer,R   c&b Brown,C 1
Waters* not out   1
Extras   (b5 lb5 w29 nb5) 44
TOTAL   10 wickets for 181
1-41 (Dobson,C) 2-87 (Seal,H) 3-101 (Wynn,S) 4-104 (Clarke,M) 5-135 (Cleere,M) 6-147 (Archer,C) 7-167 (Bagley,D) 8-170 (Trapnell,E) 9-177 (Answer,R) 10-181 (Doohan,J)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Thureirajah,E 7 0 37 2 5.29
Randell,M 8 2 29 0 3.63
Leake,C 8 0 46 2 5.75
Brown,C 5 0 17 2 3.40
Males,S 8 1 19 1 2.38
Forshaw,T 4 0 23 2 5.75
PRT Sun I 182/8 Closed (Overs 39.2)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs
Leake,C   b Dobson,C 16
Thureirajah,E c Wynn,S b Archer,C 56
Price,G* run out   0
Randell,M lbw b Dobson,C 28
Forshaw,T   b Archer,C 21
Males,S   b Archer,C 5
Sawyer,E   b Archer,C 0
Whisker,O W c ? b Seal,H 0
Morris,A J not out   12
Brown,C not out   13
Walker,J+ dnb   -
Extras   (b9 lb0 w22 nb0) 31
TOTAL   8 wickets for 182
1-19 (Leake,C) 2-27 (Price,G) 3-72 (Randell,M) 4-119 (Forshaw,T) 5-150 (Thureirajah,E) 6-150 (Sawyer,E) 7-151 (Whisker,O W) 8-151 (Males,S)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Wynn,S 7 0 54 0 7.71
Seal,H 7.2 1 24 1 3.27
Dobson,C 7 0 24 2 3.43
Clarke,M 8 0 36 0 4.50
Answer,R 2 0 16 0 8.00
Archer,C 8 2 19 4 2.38