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Classic Match #8
Winton Sports 3rd XI vs PRT Sunday 2nd XI
Played at Meyrick Park, Bournemouth, 25th May 2008
Dorset Cricket League Division 6
Match Tied
Toss won by:

Winton Sports

PRT Man of the Match

Aarron Riley


The Sunday 2nds had moved on from the golden era of Squeaker and Buster Browne/Brown, and were now seen as a side to blood the up-and-coming youngsters. Several of this side would go on to form the core of the current Saturday 1st XI. The old attitude was still that enjoyment of the game remained the priority, but this was now a team capable of competing with the top sides in the division.

Meyrick Park was always a difficult place to play, and also one to get to, a recreation ground where the condition of the pitch couldn't be guaranteed and was susceptible to interruptions from pitch invasions by the general public.

Richard Stewkesbury was the current captain, a man who prided himself on his organisational abilities, if not his cricketing ones. He was absent for this fixture, so some of the finer logistical details had been overlooked...


Jodie Locke, in the absence of regular skipper Richard Stewkesbury, led Triangle to a thrilling tie against Winton Sports 3rds. Things started well when the team arrived at the ground to find there were only 8 stout men to start the match. A quick phone call found the remainder of the side were waiting across Bournemouth at Kings Park. The non-playing captain had told the car piloted by Glyn Bartholomew that they were playing Pokesdown Willows. The toss was duly lost, so Triangle were in the field, a surprise as it was a damp wicket that was only going to dry out later with the sun and wind.

Aarron Riley stood in as emergency wicketkeeper, as regular gloveman Ken Dodson was in Glyn's car along with Richie Rich, so Paul Cook and Olly Whisker were to open the bowling. With gaps in the field due to a lack of fielders (the missing car finally showed up after the 10th over) and some forceful hitting, Winton moved onto 60 from the first 12.

A change of bowling brought Aarron (freed from his duties behind the stumps) and Callan Laws into the attack. Riley tempted the opener Milton into a drive, holding onto the return catch, then Samuel held on to give Laws a wicket, removing the hard-hitting Green. Winton's version of Dicko then came out hitting a huge straight six off Riley, then tried it again and lost middle stump, and Triangle were now on top with Winton on 67/3.

Hill was next in and looked a more composed batsman than the rest, steadily making his way to 45, though should have been out for less than 10 if Samuel could have held a fairly easy catch. Tony Morris was brought onto bowl, removing Bagley and then trapped Winton's skipper Dobson lbw in front of middle stump. He first refused to go, locked in a Neven-esque stand-off with his own umpire, claiming he had hit it and had definitely not played all round a straight delivery, but their umpire wasn't going to be swayed.

Triangle were well into the tail by now so Whisker was brought back on and he picked up 2 more, including the key wicket of Hill's, who went to a fine catch by Laws at mid on, taken on the run. Young Randell also claimed two wickets and wrapped up the innings on 169 thanks to a good stumping by Dodson.

Ken, opening with Glyn, took a no-nonsense approach to the run chase by hitting any loose deliveries to the ropes. The wicket was still drying, but with some erratic bounce and this showed when Dodson was out lbw for 21 attempting a pull shot to a ball that pitched halway down the track, but kept low. Bartholomew soon followed, bowled by a shooter, bringing Stuart Sugg and Riley together. They added 28 before Sugg was caught off the medium-slow of Rutland.

Laws joined Riley, hitting his first ball through the covers for a fine 4, and the pair went on to put on 49. Riley could have gone earlier, initially judged to have been caught behind, but insisted it had clipped his pad, which their captain in the slips agreed with, and remarkably he was called back by the umpire Zach Waters.

Callan was thus the next man out for 27 to a fine diving catch in the covers off the spinner Richards. Richie joined Riley and they looked to be steering Triangle home until Aarron tried to drive Richards over the top, but mistimed his shot, looping a catch back to the bowler. Samuel was out soon after, bowled by Hill with 29 still required off the final 5 overs. Jodie and Cook took the score to 154, before Cook was cleaned up without scoring.

Jodie then perished on the last ball of the penultimate over with 9 runs needed, leaving Morris and Whisker 6 balls to grab victory. A mad scramble saw them need just 5 off the final three balls, but Whisker slipped when there was a chance for 2 following an overthrow, so it was left to Morris to hit 2 to win it from the final ball. A swing across the line brought an easy single, but then Olly refused to run the second so the game was tied.

It was a good performance from the Sunday seconds, and valuable points earned. At least this season is already an improvement on last year's 100% losing record and afterwards everyone rightfully laid the blame on Laws for running one short during his innings that ultimately cost Triangle a rare victory.


PRT 14, Winton Sports 13

Winton Sports 3rd XI 169/10 All Out (Overs 42.2)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Milton,K   c&b Riley,A 17 3 0
Green,S c Samuel,R b Laws,C 26 4 0
Dobson,C   b Riley,A 9 0 1
Bagley,D   b Morris,A J 8 0 0
Hill,C c Laws,C b Whisker,O 45 7 0
Dobson,B* lbw b Morris,A J 0 0 0
Proline,A c Samuel,R b Randell,M 20 0 0
Bruce,M   c&b Whisker,O 0 0 0
Richards,G   b Whisker,O 8 0 0
Alam,S st Dodson,K b Randell,M 5 0 0
Rutland,M not out   3 0 0
Extras   (b2 lb5 w20 nb1) 28    
TOTAL   10 wickets for 169
Bowler O M R W Econ
Cook,P 4 0 19 0 4.75
Whisker,O 12 2 44 3 3.67
Laws,C 8 0 34 1 4.25
Riley,A 9 3 35 2 3.89
Morris,A J 6 1 22 2 3.67
Randell,M 3.2 0 12 2 3.60
PRT Sun 2nd XI 169/8 (Overs 45)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Dodson,K+ lbw b Alam,S 21 4 0
Bartholomew,G   b Bruce,M 6 0 0
Sugg,S c ? b Rutland,M 14 2 0
Riley,A   c&b Richards,G 32 4 0
Laws,C c Dobson,C b Richards,G 27 4 0
Samuel,R   b Hill,C 23 3 0
Locke,J*   b Hill,C 14 2 0
Cook,P   b Bruce,M 0 0 0
Morris,A J not out   7 0 0
Whisker,O not out   5 0 0
Randell,M dnb   -    
Extras   (b2 lb1 w17 nb0) 20    
TOTAL   8 wickets for 169
1-28 (Dodson,K) 2-34 (Bartholomew,G) 3-62 (Sugg,S) 4-111 (Laws,C) 5-137 (Riley,A) 6-141 (Samuel,R) 7-154 (Cook,P) 8-160 (Locke,J)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Alam,S 7 3 24 1 3.43
Bruce,M 10 2 46 2 4.60
Rutland,M 5 0 21 1 4.20
Dobson,C 6 0 23 0 3.83
Richards,G 9 2 33 2 3.67
Hill,C 8 2 19 2 2.38