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Classic Matches

As any fool knows, the past was better. This was a golden age: the world was at peace, the pound was strong, trains and buses ran on time, children knew their place and there was friendly policeman on every corner.

This sepia-toned nostalgic veneer applied to cricket as well. The sun shone every day as eleven young men, wearing crisp, cream whites took to the field. The pitches they played on were as flat as billiard tables, but still offered someting for the bowlers, while the outfields were a verdant carpet.

The bowlers were lightning quick, could swing and seam the ball both ways, and were so accurate that they would put it on a sixpence, 6 balls every over. Spinners would turn the ball square on any surface, barely giving up a run. No bowler ever bowled a wide or no ball.

Batsmen were finer too, hitting every ball to the boundary with proper, thin, bats and running between the wickets at electric pace. Every one of them scored magnificent hundreds.

Fielders ran like whippets, never dropped catches, and every throw from the boundary whistled into the keeper's gloves over the top of the stumps. All players respected the umpire's decision and their word was final.

These were indeed the days to be alive, drink it in, you won't see the like again. But was it? Here at prtcc.com we give you the chance to breathe in those heady fumes of proper cricket, by reliving some classic matches from as far back as the turn of the 21st Century. Enjoy.

Date Match Venue Result
20th June 2002 Bisterne Willows vs Sunday XI Bisterne PRT lost by 3 runs
25th May 2008 Bournemouth 2nds vs Saturday 2nd XI Chapel Gate PRT won by 1 wicket
28th June 2003 Saturday 1st XI vs Marnhull Reforne PRT won by 165 runs
10th June 2006 Saturday 1st XI vs Bridport Reforne PRT won by 8 wickets
14th May 2011 Saturday 1st XI vs Compton House Reforne PRT won by 196 runs
18th June 2006 Sunday 2nd XI vs Wareham Wareham PRT lost by 16 runs
7th July 2002 Sunday XI vs Suttoners Reforne PRT won by 123 runs
25th May 2008 Sunday 2nd XI vs Winton Sports 3rd XI Meyrick Park Match Tied
4th May 2002 Saturday 1st XI vs Dorchester Dorchester Rec. PRT won by 5 runs
27th May 2012 Sunday 1st XI vs Winton Sports 2nd XI Reforne PRT won by 2 wickets
2nd June 2007 Saturday 2nd XI vs Sherborne 3rd XI Sherborne PRT won by 88 runs
30th August 2008 Saturday 1st XI vs Kingston Lacy Reforne PRT won by 254 runs