Tribute by Short Fine Leg


A.R. Atherton, "Dimmock" or "Dim" as he was more well known, became quite a character in Red Triangle circles (if that is geometrically possible). Being of small stature and very light in weight naturally he was quick on his feet. Playing for the Red Triangle Football Team of the mid-twenties he became a very fast and elusive winger. His fleetness of foot earned him his nickname. In those days Tottenham Hotspur F.C. had a very fast, small international footballer named Dimmock. Our "Dim" was an avid supporter of that famous club, the similarity was obvious, hence "Dimmock".

He first joined the Cricket Club in season 1928-29 - captaining the side in seasons 1934 and 1935. He also captained a young Colts Team for several seasons in the early fifties. His careful judgment, allied to astute field placings and change of bowlers, won many victories when defeat seemed more than likely.

His batting, although not spectacular, was steady and on many occasions he scored vital runs "at the right time". He scored over 2170 runs for the Club. We will draw a veil over his bowling. Needless to say he took all his wickets (11) before the war.

Although overshadowed by those great stumpers H.Tompkins and J.A. Stone, he was a wicket-keeper of no mean ability, taking the ball cleanly and without fuss. On such occasions when asked to perform this specialised duty he let his side, or himself, down. In the field he had a very safe pair of hands.

In later years he became a member of that unholy triumvirate Messrs. Baker, Atherton and Carline - The Ground Staff - their word was law. This jocular trio spent literally hundreds of hours working on the ground, pavilion or wicket. If they said the wicket was unfit for play - that was that. On a few occasions they over-ruled, or advised Jack Sansom, or whoever was captain, but never unnecessarily.

Thank you Dim for more than 40 years of loyal and valued service to the Club.


Innings Times Not Out Highest Score Total Runs Average
327 38 57 2172 7.51

At the Wicket:

Caught Stumped Victims Other Catches
96 17 113 Many