Rhys F. Davey
Position Lower Order RHB, Right Arm Medium
Age 58
Birthplace Portland
Aliases Sean, Dr. Rhys, Rusty
Height 5'9"
Weight 175lbs
Favourite Food: Pizza
Name yer Poison Falstaff
Stewkes' Pen Picture

Mr. Line and Length. Still specialising in fielding at deep fine leg. Has coped well with having Jan for a son. Works tirelessly behind the scenes for Triangle.

1982 Pen Picture

Medium to fast bowler, number eleven bat, specialising in fielding at deep fine leg. Once described by Steve White (when umpiring) as: "Not being able to move the ball in the air", and, as an afterthought, "Not much movement off the pitch either".

Other Information

Stood down as Club chairman in 2004, due to increased grandparenting commitments. Has recorded a spell of bowling of 6-33 (6 balls going for 33 runs). Continually warned by numerous umpires for his foul language on the field of play, and use of the short ball against junior players. Has a secret plan to ensure the survival of Portland Red Triangle for the next 20 years, but is keeping his cards very close to his chest.

Quote: "Come on Berty", "On your way young 'un, this is men's cricket"