Martin Hewson
Position RHB Middle Order, Right Arm Off Break
Birthplace Portland
Aliases H, Hughsie, Harry, Big Unit, Houston
Height 5'11"
Weight 450lbs.
Favourite Food: Any and lots of it
Name yer Poison Lager style brews
Stewkes' Pen Picture

Good captain and no. 9 bat, though can bat higher up the order to good effect. Very useful spin and wicket-taking bowler. Shrewd tactician.

Other Information

Perennial back injury, not the fittest of players, as captain sometimes loses the plot. Reached a personal milestone in 2001 by scoring his first career century in the victory against Speedliners. Has had many run-ins with his nemesis and arch enemy, Speedliners' Tim Peplow. Complains the nets need to be widened to compensate for the amount of turn he generates. Made successful comeback from horrendous knee ligament injury to aid Neven's 2nd XI and Stewkesbury's evening league campaigns. Showed enough form in 2003 to be offered captaincy of 1st XI again after John Ryan's surprise resignation, resigned at the end of 2004 due to excessive mental and physical stress caused indirectly by Ben Doidge.

Quote: "Well bowled Gary", "Shut up Jan", "That's enough, I'm having a bowl", "Houston does not have a problem"