Tribute by W.H.P. Comben

When writing of J.D. (Jack) Sansom, one is dealing with another of the legendary figures associted with the Red Triangle Cricket Club. Over a period of some 43 years (1935-78) Jack was always dedicated to THE GAME he loved so well and to OUR CLUB which gave him inspiration.

Under Jack youngsters showed loyalty and sportsmanship both on and off the field. They willingly accepted his advice, copying his fine example. These ideals have always been the aim of all Triangle teams from its inception in 1922. Jack fostered them and maintained them. Thank you Jack.

As a lad at Tophill Intermediate School and later at the Grammar School, I remember him (with apologies to Shakespeare),

"Then, the schoolboy, with ready sharpened pencil
Running like a hare, to score for the Triangle"

Yet this shy and sensitive boy, and I am now writing as a schoolmaster, was later to stamp his personality on all the Triangle teams, which he later captained for 18 or more seasons and on many more when he wasn't captain.

Beginning at the age of 14 (1935) as scorer, baggage boy and unofficially as A New-man, he has occupied every position in our Club - Secretary, Treasurer, Groundsman, Captain, Chairman and President. To quote our late President Mr. H. Tompkins, "Not only was his name known to every Cricket Club in Dorset, but in many counties beyond", using his great wisdom and knowledge to the benefit of his "hobby" - cricket.

Of course after such a long association with our Club, he holds many records. Here are a few:

1967 - His only century was against Broadstone - 100*
1948 - Club record number of wickets in a season - 129
1951 - Ninth wicket partnership with G.A. Park against Bloxworth.

15.5.51 G.A. Park 51
  J.D Sansom 19
  Byes 9
  Total 79

W. H. P. Comben
President, 1982


No. of Innings Times Not Out Highest Score Total Runs Average
519 182 100* 4044 12.00


Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Catches
2943 485 8941 875 9.99 137