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The Art of Captaincy
Section 3.4
Morale - Clapping

The height of the clapping action can have a beneficial effect in giving a boost to bowlers and fielders, along with sending an indirect message to all concerned.

Above the head

Primary message: I'm delighted with your performance

When to use: Batsman has been beaten outside off stump for the umpteenth time or just taken a blow to helmet/ribs. Wickets are falling regularly. A brilliant piece of fielding leading to run out or catch

Indirect message: Keep going with this approach and I'll give you a rest so you can return fresh to clean up the tail

In front of face

Primary message: Good performance, keep this up

When to use: Bowler has been economical and taken a couple of wickets. Fielder stops ball from going for boundary or takes difficult catch

Indirect message: I'm sticking with you, don't expect a rest too soon and be prepared to bowl to the end of your spell

Chest height

Primary message: OK performance, come on you can do better

When to use: During or after a rare bad over, bowler took a wicket earlier in his spell, but the batsmen are beginning to get on top. Following a misfield, but fielder recovers and stops batsman turning shot to boundary into 3 runs or difficult catch goes down

Indirect message: Turn it around next over or you're done for the day

Low chest/waist height

Primary message: Poor performance, I'm only clapping to show the opposition I'm supporting you

When to use: During an expensive spell with no sign of control or wickets in the future. Fielder drops dolly or lets ball slip through his legs for a boundary

Indirect message: This experiment has failed, now I've got to find someone else to bowl these overs

Hands on hips/head

Primary message: This is dreadful

When to use: Only as a last resort. The bowler is in his own private hell and struggling to get through the over. Poor fielder is proving to be a ball magnet with Teflon hands

Indirect message: Really, another short ball/full toss to this batsman? Make the most of this because you're not bowling again for me this season