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The Art of Captaincy
Section 2.3
Team Selection - Batting order

Careful consideration has to be given to the team's batting lineup...

  • What's the gameplan - are you setting a total or chasing?
  • Are you going for the win?
  • Damage limitation - trying to pick up as many points as possible?
  • Who's in form?
  • Where do people bat best?
  • Does someone have to leave early for a prior engagement?

After answering all those questions, when it comes to the crunch, your batting order will probably look something like this:

  1. Solid Opening Bat. Not there to score quick runs but to anchor the innings. Once you fall behind the required rate, you'll be praying for him to get on with it, or get out.

  2. The Dasher. Gets scoreboard ticking over quickly, may fall cheaply or get a quick 30-40.

  3. The Party Animal. Ready to throw his bat at everything that comes his way so he can get to his best mate's BBQ/wedding/a surprise birthday party/hot date (delete as many as applicable). May make a quick 20 before surrendering wicket - remember he will not be available to field if you bat first.

  4. The Star Player aka The Run Machine. Replaces batsman 1 or 3, whoever's out first, averages solid 35-40 each year.

  5. The Prodigal Son. Once got a big score a couple of season's ago, but now just about averages 20. Still plays some lovely shots before the flaw in his technique that was never corrected/he refuses to acknowledge is exposed.

  6. The Veteran. Was once a dasher, now a grinder. Can still swing for the ropes if needed, but prefers to look after that precious average. No quick singles.

  7. The Slogger. In, out, put the kettle on. Looks good initially, but after the first ball crosses the ropes, he soon gets slog-happy and sees nothing but clouds.

  8. The Young Starlet. One day this lad's gonna be a good'un. Nice technique, clean whites, all the gear, but lacks the power for his nicely timed shots to get off the square.

  9. The Bowler. In the side to keep it tight and pick up 3-4 wickets. Thinks he's got the potential to be an all-rounder but averages 10 in a good year.

  10. Mr Reliable. Turns up when others drop out, gets the odd game at other times because he'll drive to away matches. You can't make him bat last after all that.

  11. The Walking Wicket. Good luck son, try to use up the overs and get that last batting point.