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Pokesdown Willows vs PRT Sunday XI
Played at King's Park, Bournemouth, 28th May 2017
Dorset Division 1
Pokesdown Willows won by 5 wickets
Toss won by: PRT
PRT Man of the Match Simon Proffitt
Report by Olly Whisker

Portland fail to Proffit, but near by a Whisker

Portland journeyed to picturesque Pokesdown in the hope of finally scoring some runs on their travels. History has been mixed at this fine venue for the Islanders, the Pokesdown players treating this like their Alamo and their hopes were dashed on the rocks initially as 9 players was all we could muster.

El Capitano Oliver Whisker (aka Hamish) led this motley crew on the field of play. Winning the toss like a seasoned pro, Whisker elected to bat and sacrificed his own position, delegating the role to whippersnapper Jack Marsh and Dave Adkins. On a wet wicket resembling the Ganges at full spate, these two dug in until Jack was bowled first ball. Simon Proffitt (30) came in and scored freely until he was undone by the wicket and spooned one back to the bowler. Matthew Randell came in, thrusting his way to 37 with characteristic aplomb.

Randell was caught, Simon Barrett played well until bowled through the gate, and Tony Morris was bowled second ball with a replica of the Barrett dismissal. Whisker was caught at slip uncharacteristically and the rest, as they say, is history. Triangle creeping past the hundred mark, finishing on 102.

Whisker again delegated opening the bowling to Dave 'creating angles' Adkins and evergreen Proffitt. Lusty blows from the Pokesdown openers saw runs come at a fast rate until Fisher was caught at mid off by Whisker. Proffitt was as dangerous as Malcolm Marshall in his pomp and bowled with heat and ferocity. Barrett bowled well (1/30 off 3 overs) and what Danny Morrison would describe as a VEVO IPL stunner was taken by Whisker running from long off to mid off diving full length and clutching the ball inches from the ground. Jonty Rhodes would have shed a tear.

Nathan Cornish followed this with a one handed worldy, picking the ball out of the void to send a bemused White back to the pavilion.

Pokesdown's number 6, Haskell, looked all at sea against Proffitt, failing to get bat on ball with his SS Jumbo and was eventually caught and bowled by Proffitt one handed.

Matt Randell's experiment bowling spin failed as Pokesdown exposed the weakness in the Portland bowling, and Hensman showed his ability to hit half-trackers. After a wobble by the top order, the home side won comfortably by 5 wickets.

Whisker's first game as captain was unsuccessful but unearthed another potential leader in the Portland contingent 😉. Long may it continue.

Points: PRT 4, Pokesdown Willows 20

PRT Sun XI 102/8 All Out (Overs 24.1)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Adkins,D   b Joseph,J 1 0 0
Marsh,J   b Joseph,J 0 0 0
Proffitt,S C   c&b Joseph,J 30 4 0
Randell,M+ c ? b Matthew,J 37 7 0
Barrett,S   b Matthew,J 5 1 0
Whisker,O W* c ? b Hensman 9 1 0
Morris,A J   b Matthew,J 0 0 0
Cornish,N c ? b Matthew,J 2 0 0
Marsh,R not out   0 0 0
extras   (b0 lb1 w17 nb0) 18    
TOTAL   8 wickets for 102
1-1(Marsh,J) 2-12(Adkins,D) 3-53(Proffitt,S C) 4-86(Randell,M) 5-100(Barrett,S) 6-100(Morris,A J) 7-100(Whisker,O W) 8-102(Cornish,N)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Joseph,J 6 0 32 3 5.33
Fisher,A 4 0 18 0 4.50
Jose,J 5 1 15 0 3.00
Matthew,J 6.1 1 30 4 4.86
Hensman 3 1 6 1 2.00
Pokesdown Willows 103/5 Closed (Overs 19)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Joseph,J c Cornish,N b Proffitt,S C 15 1 1
Fisher,A c Whisker,O W b Proffitt,S C 10 2 0
Matthew,J c Whisker,O W b Barrett,S 27 2 3
White,G c Cornish,N b Morris,A J 11 2 0
Haskell,O   c&b Proffitt,S C 9 2 0
Best,J not out   8 2 0
Hensman not out   16 4 0
Jose,J dnb   -    
Armstrong,P dnb   -    
Smith,P dnb   -    
Haskell,C* dnb   -    
extras   (b5 lb0 w1 nb1) 6    
TOTAL   5 wickets for 103
1-16(Joseph,J) 2-26(Fisher,A) 3-64(Matthew,J) 4-74(Haskell,O) 5-78(White,G)
Bowler O M R W Econ
Proffitt,S C 8 1 15 3 1.88
Adkins,D 4 0 24 0 6.00
Barrett,S 3 0 30 1 10.00
Morris,A J 2 0 13 1 6.50
Randell,M 2 0 16 0 8.00