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PRT Sunday XI vs Sherborne 1st XI
Played at Reforne, 4th June 2017
Dorset Division 1
Sherborne won by 68 runs
Toss won by: PRT
PRT Man of the Match Simon Proffitt
Report by Olly Whisker

On a somewhat windy day at Triangle, Portland came second in a game in which records tumbled at an astronomical rate. Reforne saw the highest scoring game (608 runs) and Simon Proffitt (127) and Matthew Randell's (113) partnership of 242 equalled the 4th highest of any side.

Ed Sheeran lookalike Cameron Midgley forcefully manhandled the reins from Whisker this week, looking to bounce back from defeat at Pokesdown.

Winning the toss and inserting Sherborne, the evergreen Simon Proffitt removed Baker with a fine outswinger which was precariously snaffled by stand-in keeper Matthew Randell one-handed. The score was 0/1. This was as good as it got for Portland for what seemed like a millennium as Lock smashed all bowlers to all parts of the ground on his way to 162.

Dave "Angles" Adkins was dispatched several times, Jack Marsh was hoisted into oblivion, but Tony Morris was paid due respect returning respectable figures of 2-52 from his 8 over concoction and even the usually deceptive Nathan Cornish was punished without remorse.

The fielding was a scene any Pakistan side would have been envious of. Legs were splayed wider than you know what, hands were avoided in favour of the ends of fingers and what on earth was Duncan doing?!?!? 😂😂 Enough said. Several catches, apart from the aforementioned, went down including one by Nathan in the deep who claimed he couldn't see the ball while his glasses were on his head!

Being deposited for 339 runs, Triangle opened with Proffitt and Randell in lieu of the injured Whisker and the two set about the Sherborne attack with gusto. Randell was particularly brutal, smashing sixes to the short straight boundary, while the reverse sweep was utilised to some effect against Sherborne's Premier League spinner Paul Hancock. Randell brought up a fine century in a manner in which only he knows, flaying the ball leg side at the earliest opportunity.

Proffitt was by this point well established and he too brought up his ton with a more measured and honest approach, befitting a player of his ilk and stature.

When these two were out, having amassed 242 runs in 35 overs, it was left to the mere mortals which made up the other batsmen in the order to scratch around like pigs after truffles.

This was truly a memorable game. Many thanks to Simon Proffitt for his lovely and edible (for once, take note Amy Biddle) tea and Whisker for his buttering skills. Simon's cheddar arranged in the shape of a flower was also wonderful. While we have yet to record a win for some weeks, one must be confident of victory this week away at Charlton Down.

Points: PRT 7, Sherborne 18