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Founded 1922

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15th March, 2013

Ahoy shipmates, a long return to dispatches brings this seasons fixtures, click here

There has also been a new Pirate Code laid down by new Captain, Howling Mad TQ:

The Pirate Code

  • All matches cost £11 to play (match fee to cover Minibus hire)
  • Pirates clothing optional (but encouraged)
  • Pirates flag to be carried into all matches
  • Minibus driver does not pay match fee - however, if a pirate is making his way to the ground he is still to pay match fee to subsidise vehicle hire
  • Volunteer minibus drivers are welcome - they must have held a license for over 5 years

Anyone interested in joining the crew contact TQ on 01305 777185

21st February, 2009

Yarrrgh! The course for this year's mainland campaign has been set and can be viewed by following this link... There's treasure in them thar hills!

29th January, 2008

Ahoy there shipmates! A new year brings a new Cap'n, with Ol' Deadman Tombs standing down to be replaced by Ironguts Cole.

Cap'n Tombs is off to pastures new, retiring to the mainland to plunder Dorset League Cricket. It is left to Cap'n Cole to uphold the traditions that we hold dear - hard playin', hard drinkin' and carefully drivin' the minibus home (something which the outgoing skipper took a dim view of).

The season's fixtures will be posted online as soon as they've been finalised. Yaargh!

12th March, 2007

Avast ye! The committee has set the fee to join up as a Triangle Pirate at £10, this entitles ye to play in Pirates' fixture throughout the season. Those who fail to cough up the loot will be dancin' the hempen jig by sunrise.

If ye is wanting to play for the main Triangle club then you'll be charged the remaining £15 to become a full member.

4th March, 2007

Cap'n Tombs has secured another date for us to loot, pillage and hear the sound of leather on willow. Keep a date free in your diary for Sunday 12th August when we take on the men of Melplash.

8th February, 2007

Avast shipmates! The crew is ready, the holds are stocked with salt pig and lemons and the course has been set for pastures new away from the island paradise.

Cast your eyes over the matches our skipper has arranged for our summer tour, when once again grog will be swigged, maidens ravished, treasure looted and possibly, if there's enough time left, the odd game of cricket will be played. Yarrgh! Hoist the mizzen mast! Stay the mainbrace! Lee ho! etc...

  • Sunday 13th May - Thornford CC
  • Sunday 17th June - Motcombe CC
  • Sunday 29th July - Sixpenny Handley CC
  • Sunday 5th August - Milton Abbas CC

2nd February, 2007

Listen up you scurvy dogs, the Cap'n has purchased a new Jolly Roger to fly on match days, but alas is lacking a pole on which to raise it. If any of the Pirates' crew or even the land lubbers of the Triangle side know where he might be able to get one then let him know post-haste.