Portland Red Triangle CC

Founded 1922

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T'was ten score years and ten since the first swarthy buccaneers, under the command of the feared pirate Captain Teddy Tremlin, weighed anchor in Chesil Cove on a stormy October night. They made haste under the cover of darkness to Fortuneswell Manor and plundered the treasure trove of Erasmus Browne, Governor of Upper Wyke.

Their ill-gotten gains were hauled to the top o' the island and buried in the corner of Jordan's Field, where they planted three saplings to mark the spot, so one day they may return and claim their fortune.

Alas that day never came as Tremlin's ship, The Ruby Spinner, went down off the coast of Tenerife on the homeward leg of a unprofitable canary smuggling run (thanks to a blundered translation of the island's chain name) all souls perished and were stowed in Davy Jones' Locker.Treasure!

The Governor's Treasure lay dormant for over two centuries until discovered by Triangle player Pete Tombs, when he was excavating the boundary fence in the winter of 2007, and with this bounty he decided to form a touring cricket side.

With a shot of grog in their bellies and fire in their eyes, the reborn Portland Pirates are ready to bid farewell to the good ship Triangle and seek their fortune inland. They're a rag-tag crew led by their brave Cap'n "Deadman" Tombs, with his First Mate "Ironguts" Cole, Bos'n "Mad Gaz" Waight and faithful Cabin Boy Stewkes.

The only thought on the minds of these desperate men is: "Tonight we'll drink and be merry, for tomorrow we've got to return to work!"