Portland Red Triangle CC

Founded 1922

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Rich Samuel Rich Samuel
Full Name: Richard Samuel
Birthplace: Portland
Batting Style: Right-hand bat
Bowling Style Right arm medium fast
Fielding Position Square leg
Aliases: Richie Rich, The Crooner, The Humpster, The Cleaner, Gladstone Small, Mini-Me
Height/Weight: 5'8" / 190lbs
Favourite Food: Whatever's served up
Favourite Tipple: Diet Coke
Stewkes' Pen Picture: A prospect for the future, maybe not in cricketing circles, but certainly in tea-eating ones. A keen fielder with an accurate throwing arm and stubborn tail-ender. Needs to work on his bowling.
Profile: One of Stewkes' protégés, but on the tea-eating side than cricket-related. A keen amateur dramatist and karaoke singer, Richie is one of the first to step up to the plate on Presentation Evenings to exercise his vocal chords (once Dicko has completed his set). Made a bet with 2nd XI skipper Pete Tombs that he would abstain from cake for the 2008 season. Pioneer of the serpentine bowling run up.
Memorable Quotes: "Any more cake?", "For my next number..."