Jason Styles
Position RHB Middle Order, Right Arm Wrong Foot
Age 40
Birthplace Weymouth
Aliases Trig, John Styles, The Styles, Mr. Style, Prince of Style, The Run Machine, Lynchpin, Country Styles
Height 6'0"
Weight 200lbs.
Favourite Food: Low Fat Turkish Delights and Matchsticks
Name yer Poison Bottle of Woodpecker cider with a glass
Stewkes' Pen Picture

Still a very classy batsman. The new streamlined Jason should score even more runs in 2002. Should be batting at no.4 for the good of the team, instead of protecting his average lower down the order. A very safe pair of hands in the field.

1982 Pen Picture

One of the most stylish bats ever to grace Reforne. Jason has the ability to time the ball to perfection and his cover drive is a delight to behold. Jason has a dependable pair of hands and is becoming a sound fielder. Well educated at Westham.

Other Information

Romantically linked with numerous people. Lost nearly 2 stone for the 2002 season on a diet of walking and badminton twice a week. Avid calorie counter. A safe pair of hands. Fast becoming one of the more reliable umpires on the circuit after only one season, though still trying to adjust to wearing a tie on match days.


"I've never thought of myself as a brilliant player and I guess my style is far from being straight out of the coaching manual", "Too many calories for me, help yourself Gary"