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Player of the Month Awards

2017 is the inaugural year of the PRT Player of the Month Awards.

Rather than wait until the season has finished before recognising our players' achievements, we would like to honour those who have reached a high level on a more regular basis. We understand that most players may not be able to sustain their performance over the gruelling 18 week season, but now and again will come across a purple patch of form.

Using an advanced algorithm, based on the old Fantasy Cricket points system (see below), Triangle's statistics department have fed all the available data* into their vast array of computational equipment and have alighted on a method to sort the wheat from the chaff on a monthly basis.

PRT's statistics department use the latest computronic machines to calculate the POTM standings

Points System

Batting Points Bonus Batting Points (per game)
Run 1 point 20 runs 5 points
4's Hit 4 points 50 runs 10 points
6's Hit 6 points 75 runs 15 points
Not Out 10 points 100 runs 25 points
Duck -10 points    
Bowling Points Bonus Bowling Points (per game)
Wicket 20 points 2 wickets 5 points
C&B 30 points 3 wickets 10 points
Maiden 5 points 4 wickets 15 points
Economy 5+ wickets 25 points
3.50 rpo or less 25 points
3.51 to 4.50 15 points
4.51 to 5.00 10 points
5.01 to 5.99 5 points
6.00 to 6.99 -10 points
7.00 to 9.99 -15 points
10+ -25 points
Fielding Points
Catch (fielder) 10 points Man of the Match 50 points
Catch (keeper) 5 points
Stumping 15 points
Run Out 10 points
Assisted Run Out 5 points each

* points calculations are based on the figures available at the time, if 4s/6s, catches, run outs, etc haven't been recorded in scorebooks or on Play Cricket then they will not be included in the final points total.